Nancy Pfaff, MA, CCHt, MNLP, helps persons better recognize and more consciously participate in the process of spiritual growth and healing that occurs when we interpret our most significant experiences in the light of grace.   Nancy continues research in the area of the human response to God.
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Spiritual Direction

In a caring, reverent, one-to-one relationship, Nancy Pfaff, the Spiritual Director, guides you to growth by making you aware of, and responding to the movement of God in your life.

Learn to better live out your Christian calling, and reflect on how God communicates with you through prayer and your ordinary life experiences.

Spiritual Guidance is not like counseling or psychotherapy.

Supervision of Spiritual Directors

With a certificate in supervision of spiritual directors, Nancy facilitates the Christian Spiritual Directors of Northern Nevada peer group.  For more information please go to

Spiritual Direction and Reiki

When our spiritual self is not at peace, our physical self is affected, and vice versa.

Some people prefer to include Reiki in Spiritual Direction and others do not.  It is not necessary.  Through a combination of Spiritual Guidance and Reiki we can bring the physical and the spiritual together.  This promotes a healthier more relaxed and fulfilled state of mind as well as being.

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis itself is a state of inner focused attention.  This state allows you to use your mind more powerfully.  With the help of a qualified hypnotherapist, you can find release from limiting beliefs and negative emotional imprints.  One method used in hypnosis is "trance."  Trance is a process of creating an inner experience which enables your mind and body to accept suggestions which you want to accept.  Trance allows you to identify and release many limiting patterns of thought or behavior.  You become freer to experience life with joy and fulfillment.

Neuro-Linguistic Psychology

NLP creates an environment for graceful personal change.  It is the study of human wholeness.  It's a process of moving from unhelpful patterns of thoughts, actions and feelings to those that lead to living a freer, more authentic life.    Various exercises are given the client which involve the neuro-muscular body, the auditory factor and emotional responses.  These exercises release old patterns and induce new, more useful ones.  Unpleasant memories can release their neural charge, leaving the client free from their grip.  Feelings, such as fear and anger can be transformed.  Releasing resentment and bitterness through NLP techniques, can finally bring a comprehensive forgiveness.


Reiki is  a system of natural healing that is released through the hands.  It can help promote the healing process, and can be used in conjunction with other traditional and alternative modalities.

Simply put, Reiki:
     * promotes natural healing
     * is safe
     * balances body energies
     * relaxes muscle spasms
     * relieves pain and stress
     * releases emotional blocks

The Japanese word for Universal Life Force is Reiki (ray-key).  I understand this to mean the Life energy which has been created by God.

Many spiritual persons view Reiki as a practice that provides an opportunity to follow the teachings and examples of Jesus healing the sick.  Others are concerned that Reiki has an Eastern origin .  It is important to get accurate information and pray for guidance as part of deciding whether to receive or give Reiki.  See my question and answer segment in Articles on Growth..

HMR, Trauma Resolution

Holographic Memory Resolution is a new body-mind technique which allows expedient access to past memories and complete resolution of the painful emotions associated with these events without having to "re-live" such experiences and without affecting historical memory. This technique is profoundly empowering to the survivor who becomes his/her own "healer." H.M.R. employs both a verbal component and a simple nervous system support technique which enhances visualization and sensory access to memory while fostering safety. This "client-centered" process facilitates the resolution of "somatic (body) memory," thereby disarming the "triggers" that foster physical pain, flashback, disease and relapse.